How to Download Music on Tubidy

Tubidy is a music streaming application which allows users to listen to music for free. Tubidy comes with an array of radio stations and plays various genres of music. Users can select their favorite songs by downloading them on Tubidy through an external application called a Music Player or App. When you’re trying to stream your favorite songs on Tubidy, you might want to download the MP3s so that they don’t get interrupted when the app gets updated. Here is how you can easily add tracks to your account.

Add Tracks to Tubidy

While you may be able to listen to the tracks on Tubidy for free, you will be unable to download them if you don’t add any songs to your account. To get started, open the app on your phone and select the “Add Tracks“ option. Now, you will be required to provide the email address of a person who has an account on Tubidy. That email address might be you. Enter the email address and select the song you want to add. Once that’s done, tap “Done”. Now, add the songs that you want to get added to your account by sending them to your friends on social media or copying the link and pasting it on a text message. For example, send the link of a track to your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Open the Music Player

When you go to the music player on Tubidy, you will be presented with all the songs that you have on your account. Select the song you want to add to your account and click “Copy“. Now, switch to your computer and open the browser. Type the URL of the music player and you should be able to see all the songs in the player. Copy the URL and paste it on a text message or social media post.

Select a Track

After you add the songs, you have to select them on tubidy. To do that, go to the music player and then the “Select Track“ option. This will allow you to select the songs you want to add to your account.

Copy and Paste URL

Now that the track is selected, go to the “Copy“ option and select it. Now, go to the text/social media post and paste the track link. If you want to share a whole album, you can select the track and then click the “Add Link“ option. This will automatically add the link of the track you’re selecting.

Playlist Tab on Tubidy

If you want to view all your songs on a playlist tab, you can do that by tapping on the “Playlist“ option. This will allow you to create playlists based on your favorite artists, songs, and albums. You can then create songs based on these genres and share it with your friends. You can also create playlists based on the mood or occasion. You can then add your friends and share the playlist with them.


You can download music on Tubidy for free by adding tracks to your account through a music player on your computer or tablet. You can also create playlists and view your songs on a playlist tab. If you want to stream specific songs, you can use the search feature on Tubidy and type in the song name or artist. You can also search for popular songs that are trending on YouTube. To download music on Tubidy for free, follow the steps above. Once you have added your songs, you can listen to them without internet or mobile data. You can also save the downloaded music on your tablet or computer so that you can listen to them offline.